Citi Bank Credit Card


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Elevate Your Experience with Citi Bank Rewards

Embark on a journey of unparalleled rewards with the Citi Bank Rewards credit card, transforming every purchase, big or small, into an opportunity for something extraordinary. Unlike mundane points programs confined to specific stores, Citi Rewards stands out by offering a generous 1 point for every dollar spent, regardless of where you shop. Whether it’s your routine grocery run, a spontaneous weekend getaway, or that state-of-the-art gadget you’ve been eyeing, you’ll find yourself accumulating points effortlessly and swiftly.

Beyond Points: A World of Possibilities

The allure of Citi Rewards extends beyond mere point accumulation. Dive into a realm of possibilities as you redeem your earned points for statement credits, travel bookings, indulgent shopping sprees, and more. Want to take your wanderlust to new heights? Transfer your points to your preferred airline loyalty program and soar toward your next vacation destination. The versatility of Citi Rewards ensures that your points are not just a numerical value but a gateway to enriching experiences.

Fee-Free Advantage: Rewards without the Burden

What sets Citi Rewards apart is the absence of an annual fee for the basic card. This means you can fully enjoy the benefits without worrying about additional costs. It’s a game-changer, allowing you to reap the rewards of your spending habits without breaking the bank.

Every Swipe Unlocks a World of Possibilities

Now, envision a life where every swipe of your Citi Bank Rewards card opens the door to exciting travel adventures, luxurious indulgences, or simply eases your monthly bills. The possibilities are limitless, and all it takes is a simple application to kickstart this journey.

Ready to Make Your Everyday Extraordinary?

Ready to make your everyday spending extraordinary? Apply for the Citi Bank Rewards card today and witness how each transaction propels you towards a world of exclusive benefits and rewards. Don’t wait any longer – your path to exciting possibilities begins now!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interest rate for Citi Bank Rewards?

The annual interest rate for Citi Bank Rewards is 19.99%.

What is the credit limit for Citi Bank Rewards?

The credit limit for Citi Bank Rewards varies based on the applicant's income and credit history.

What fees and charges apply to Citi Bank Rewards?

Citi Bank Rewards doesn't impose an annual fee for the basic card. However, a late payment incurs a fee of 2.5% of the overdue amount, and after 12 months of inactivity, there is an inactivity fee of $29.95.

How do I go about applying for Citi Bank Rewards?

To apply for Citi Bank Rewards, you can either visit the Citibank website or get in touch with a bank representative.